Apr. 1st, 2008

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So the greenhouse frame is up and sturdy and looks fine.  All the bits went back on and it seems as though it probably won't fall over in the wind, which is nice.  Wifey and Mother in law have now the task of inserting the glass back into it and then it will be good to go.  When the frame had been tightened up I downed tools and went inside to work on a paper about OOXML while Wifey stayed outside, muttering something about "making the path".  Well, about 80 minutes later I was bored to death of standards and looked out the window to see a gorgeous, brick-lined, red stone walkway encircling the greenhouse that was simply wonderful to see!  The wife was placing tools away and looked flushed from the work, but she has really made a fantastically good job of it.  

Right as I yelled out to her what a good job she'd done, her mother came strolling in (after all the work was done, as usual!)  and proceeded to say that it was nice but might be better if she'd done it another way.  I thought Vic was gonna hit her with a half brick...  Eventually Ann saw it V|ic's way and harmony was restored, but I don't think she knows how close she came!

So we went out later to walk the horrible pooch, as she needed a good run after being inside for a few days, and while we were out M & N stopped by and pushed the pricing through for the three gates we need made.  About £60 all told, including the hinges, etc. which seems a bargain.  So I think they are coming this weekend to do it all.  And we will be a little poorer, but the house will be one more huge leap towards being done.  

So tomorrow I am updating a report and then beginning to organize which bits I am taking along to my London meeting next week.  Feeling pretty confident, especially looking over all the stuff I have on offer.  The analysis itself, public policy work, competitive analysis, two thought research papers...I am gonna bowl them over.  It will be so.



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