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New England - Through a preseason of off-field turbulence (Baby Brady, No-Show Moss, Hold-Out Samuel, PUP Seymour) the Patriots proved that there is no one better when the wins and losses count.  Brady(22-28-297-3) was able to sit back and slice up the Jets secondary with pinpoint throws to Moss (9-183-1) and Welker (6-64-1).  In addition, Laurence Maroney (20-72) held up and had a fine game, as the New England defence easily handled Chad Pennington and Thomas Jones (14-42).  
Final Score NE 38-14 NYJ.

Indianapolis - After allowing the Saints to play even for 30 minutes, the Colts simply decided to win and what started as an ugly slugfest in the first half developed quickly into a blowout as 31 second half points made for a dominating victory.   Manning (18-30 -288-3) looked sharp, the offence looked like it hasn't missed a beat since the Super Bowl, and the defence looked revitalized with Bob Sanders back and Jason David gone.  The key will be the health of the defence as the season wears on.  But for now, they looked sharp and dominating.  
Final Score IND 41 - 10 NO.

San Diego - The ugliest win of the day, but a solid victory.  It took a trick play for the Chargers offence to get into the end zone, but it proved enough in the end.  LT might not have played in the preseason, but looked sharp enough as he lofted a touchdown to Antonio Gates in the third quarter.  The San Diego defence was swarming and unstoppable.  Rex Grossman (12-23-145) took some nasty hits, and the Bears could only manage a field goal.  Shawn Merriman is simply a monster at linebacker.  Philip Rivers (22-31-190) needs to be sharper if the Bolts have a chance against New England this week.
Final Score: SD 14 - 3 CHI

Positively Surprising:
Dallas - A strong showing for the post-Tuna era to begin with, at least offensively.  Tony Romo showed that he was no fluke as he effortlessly dismantled the Giants pass D for 345 yards and 4 touchdowns, 2 to TO.  The Dallas D was a problem, however, as Terence Newman's absence exposed the poor coverage skills of strong safety Roy Williams who was repeatedly beaten by Plaxico Burress (2 touchdowns) and Eli Manning.  Adding to the Cowboys woes is the loss of nose tackle Jason Ferguson for the season with a torn bicep.  Dallas can't score 45 every game, so the defence needs to step up for them to have a chance.
Final Score:  DAL 45 - 35 NYG

Pittsburgh - Ben Roethlisberger's start to the post-Cowher era was impressive, with 4 touchdowns establishing a new career best.  First year coach Mike Tomlin had to be pleased with his team's total dominance.  The only downside was the fact that their opponent was Cleveland, who look to be perennial cellar-dwellars, especially in what might be the toughest division in football.  A good start for Steely McBeam, but can they keep it up through 16 weeks?  
Final Score: PIT 34 - 7 CLE

Carolina - John Fox knows his job is on the line this year.  He has the talent at QB, WR, RB, and his defence is second to none.  Last year's massively disappointing 8-8 can be attributed almost directly to a series of very unfortunate key injuries.  But every team has injuries.  Opening against Steven Jackson and Mark Bulger's Rams should have been a true test, but the Rams were awful.  Jackson lost 2 fumbles (my starting fantasy back, of course!) and Carolina dominated every facet of the game, with a nifty 60 yard strike to Steve Smith (7-118-1) mixed in.  Let's see if they can keep the momentum going.
Final Score: CAR 27 - STL 13

Negatively Impacted:
Chicago -  The story all year, since the Super Bowl and even before, was Rex.  Rex, Rex, Rex.  Mr. Inconsistant.  "Brian Griese should be the starter..." was the constant refrain.  When the Bears franchised Lance Briggs and finally signed him, everyone went back to concentrating on Grossman.  Perhaps the Bears should have looked harder at letting Thomas Jones go.  Grossman did reasonbly well against the Chargers vaunted D, finding Berrian a number of times.  But Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson each coughed the ball up at a crucial point and lost them the game.  Thomas Jones wasn't effective for the Jets this weekend, but he didn't fumble.  All this being said, with Tommie Harris and Mike Brown back for Chicago's defence, they are definitely championship caliber.

New Orleans - Perhaps it was inevitable that New Orleans should come back down to earth.  At the start of last season, they were, maybe, a 6-10 team.  No one expected anything.  But Reggie Bush's dynamism and the cool leadership of Drew Brees turned the team around and they got within a game of the Super Bowl, with only their defence letting them down.  In the off season, they didn't do much to help themselves.  Adding Jason David, a cast-off from the Tampa-2 playing Colts and expecting him to match up against Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison man-to-man is simply not going to work.  He's a stiff and now New Orleans is stuck with him.  And he was an ADDITION.  Sean Payton will get the pffense going; there is too much talent there to score only 3 points every week.  But they looked intimidated.  

That's all for now.  Next week's big matchup:  New England v. San Diego.  Might be an AFC championship preview. 

Brain Dump

Sep. 7th, 2007 12:51 pm
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Let's see...the NFL is back.  Was up until almost 4 last night watching the Saints get pulverised by the Colts, 41-10.  Still, it was fun to see everything again, all the hitting, passing, Madden, etc.  I love proper football too, but there's still an inborn visceral American rush seeing two good teams play American football.  Not sure if it's the violence, the strategy, or what, but it has it all.  I've missed it.  And Madden 08 is a lot better than the 07, which is a good thing.

Had Mr. H visit last week to give me some pointers on how to capture clients.  Some good stuff.  Gonna revamp some literature and get my talking points down based on our coversation.  He also promised me some figures for ROI calculations which should enable me to blag with the best of them.  So, nervous as hell about that, but must needs push on, as the tax man looms...

Did yardwork all morning, mowing, weedwhacking, tidying.  Lawn looks good!  Have to do some more cleaning up and putting things away, but Wifey and the M-I-L are mulching the border today and hopefully setting some onions, garlic, and other assorted bulbs in.  Everything looks so lovely.  And as Hippy had a bath yesterday, she is smelling good and looking fluffy, which makes me happy.

Had BBQ pizza a week ago when M was over.  Was okay, but I did not sufficiently clear the coals from under the stone, so the bottom was a bit burned.  Still, I happily munched away, as I thought it was great; reminded me of brick oven work back in the US.  I could tell WIfey and M found it different and not terribly to their liking, but I figure they are British and don't know what they are talking about!  (Well, Wifey liked it lots, to be fair, and will no doubt indulge me further with my experiments in BBQ pizza despite having to eat semi-carbonized crust until I get it worked out, so she gets an automatic pass!)

Got tickets to the Foo Fighters for November!!  Can't wait.  Really looking forward to it.  Also want to see KT and Bill Bailey, but they are sold out and too expensive, respectively.  And Billy Connelly ticket prices are fucking astronomical!

Other than that, things are good.  The sun is shining, the birds are twittering, the dog is fluffy, the wife is happy, and I am a content man.  

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Fixed the toilet today.  Very good moment.  Pulled it apart, reassembled it, and it works.  I know it's not much, but I am no DIY whiz.  So this is good.  Wifey was very impressed.  Sarcastically, but nonetheless...

Got the prospective tax bill in, due in January.  Not good.  Have to get lots of new clients or else go into penury.  Still, have half a year, let's see what we can do.  As soon as the panic attacks stop, all will be fine.

Otherwise, things are okay.  A is coming back today to finally finish the flooring; he was here until about 1030 last night angle grinding (or is it orville sanding?) doors down and placing beading and thresh's for us, and needs to come back today to finish everything up...And then Wifey and I can spend tomorrow cleaning everything up for her class on Sunday, when I go to the Mother-in-law's for some R&R.  Well, I'll read a book and take another crack at writing up my website.  Have notes from a few sources, so let's hope we can get everything sorted out and get it up next week.

Right.  Gotta go get A, so must needs be off.  More another time!!

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Karl Rove has resigned.  I feel slightly better.  Doesn't it say something when "Bush's Brain" resigns about 18 months before the end of his term??

Update on my life.  Well, let's see.  The house is almost done.  The yard is looking great.  We are walking fiarly regularly on the Healthy Heart walks around the house; only 1/2 mile or so, but it's a 1/2 mile more than we would otherwise, and we have gotten some good pics out of it.  

Mowed the lawn today, which was nice.  I always used to hate mowing the lawn back in Groton, as it was a suck-ass job that I had to do in 95 degree weather.  Over here, in nice sun, when it's only about 20-22 degrees, it's very nice and comforting.  Everything is taking shape now, and my first plum tomato is ready to be picked.  It's all juicy and red and happy.  And I can't wait to make sauce out of a bunch of them, and have pizza from my own garden!!  Our garlic came up, and though it didn't split into separate cloves, it has still grown to a massive size, which is good.  We have a few onions ready to pop now too, and the few beanstalks we have left seem to be really taking to the copious amounts of sun we've recently had, so keep your fingers crossed.  With the house nearly done, we can concentrate more on getting the garden ready for next year, and get a whole lot more stuff on the go.  I have bought about 80 bulbs for over the winter, so we should have a bunch of lovely spring flowers, which will cheer me up no end in March!!!

I built Wifey a hammock over the weekend, and in doing so lost my temper for the first time in about 2 years.  It finally allowed itslef to be built, but only after the sky turned blue and it is only held together with curses and venom.  But the Wife looks so peaceful on it, I guess it was all worth it.  

The Kingsford.
On Saturday night, I staged what may have been the world's most perfect barbecue for friends and family.  It was just like in all the films; big flames, men clustered around the bbq, women having drinks at tables, children playing with the dog, huge amounts of beer and meat.  It was like a dream.  Got my official BBQ hat out; THE GRILLMASTER.  Had bbq chicken marinated in a sticky, sweet bbq sauce; made some officially licensed Dazza brand Red Pesto Pasta Salad, a clump of special Mitzi Burgers, chips (crisps, then), fixins, and lot of wine, Stella, Guinness and soft drinks.  The_bags and Vaxie brought over some buns, sausages, more burgers and a special peri-peri chicken.  We lit up the Kingsford with 4 kilos of charcoal and we were off - everything done but not burned, cooked but not dried out.  A masterful display, if I say so myself.  And M showed up later to scarf all that was left, bless him, after working 12 hours on a Saturday.  He ate, drank, and then fell asleep on the couch.  And the mother in law turned up too, bearing solar lights for our garden.

Overall, my favourite day since coming here.

I want another one. 

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So it's been 3 weeks or so since the last entry, and what an eventful time it's been!  We moved, slightly illegally, into a new house, which then became our legal house, and then we have spent 3 weeks tearing everything to bits and building it back up again all on my poor strained back, hence the headlne of this piece!  Actually, truth be told, today has been a very lazy day physically (first in about a month) and my back hasn't really been objecting too much, thank God.  Wifey is off fixing Carson and doing family things I think, while it has been raining all day and I have been sat in front of the computer for 9 hours getting work done, which I have!!  I finished the fucking list, FINALLY!!!!!  Now all I have to do tomorrow is record the data, graph it, make my final sheets up and then corollate reports about each segment...Actually, that's a shitload of work, but once it's done, I can breathe easy for a day or two...

Got a message from RR today telling me that the big contract was going to be paying hopefully at the end of next week (rather than mid-end July, as I'd thought!)  which is always nice to hear.  I have to find two more folks to peddle it to and then I can relax a bit, but this payout will give me the room to be able to do that effectively!  

Let's see...With the enormous deluxe birdfeeder that Wifey installed the other day and the 25 kg of seed we purchased yesterday, Tippy Hedron better bewareof our garden!!!  We have magpies, jackdaws, finches, tits, swallows, blackbirds and a whole bunch more things all desperate to get at the seed.  There is also a rather clever calico tabby from next door that was waiting on top of the shed for one to drop into his lap earlier today.  Well, I can't have that, so sent Doodles out to frighten him away, but i admired the initiavtive there!!

Yesterday we bought a shower, a couch, a dining room table and chairs and Hot Fuzz.  It was a good day.  The table is small, but it looks nice and will do us fine for a few years.  The couch is simply stunning and will really tie the living room together the way the current sofa REALLY doesn't...The shower is nice and powerful and it better work, cuz I am really starting to hate having to take baths to get clean.  To relax and unwind, fair enough.  But the fact is that to actually get clean you need running water, and anyone who thinks otherwise is probably very smelly.  So there.

What else?  I actually have a reasonable browny type colour to my skin (well the exposed bits anyway) from gardening, and I am loving it.  We have, growing now: carrots, gooseberries, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, chard, olives, lemons, oranges, potatoes, garlic, strawberries, chives, basil and coriander.  Soon to be augmented with raspberries, more taties and God knows what else!!

Wifey is home, so off I go!
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May. 17th, 2007 09:07 pm
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To prince_eric and wife, who today welcomed 19.5", 8lb 2oz Alexander James to the family at 11:30 am EDT!  Both mother and baby are doing well and prince_eric is thrilled that he won't be outnumbered anymore.

I still think that they should name him James Tiberius, but that was apparently nixed by Mrs. prince_eric on grounds of really bad taste!!!

Can't wait to see him!!! 


May. 16th, 2007 02:17 pm
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Having a better day today getting my orgs knocked out, 6 down, maybe 6-8 more for the day and I will be all caught up with where I am supposed to be.  So that's good.

Haven't been sleeping well lately, as work creeps into my mind, but I am determined to get it done and get it out of the way so I can concentrate in June on getting it sold to at least two other groups.  :-)  Can't wait.  It's nice to have a little bit of cash in the bank (actually have a comma in the account now, for one of the first times since I've been here!!)  Sent off my signed contract to Belgium yesterday; hopefully they will get it today/tomorrow and we can make sure I get paid in June!!

Had a bad back day yesterday, which made sitting and doing work particularly ratty, but it's feeling a bit better today, so I am much more pleased.  Tried to get NFL tix today to the London game, but they wanted ridiculous cash for the sky high seats and I simply refuse to pay it AND have to go south to see the match...With train fare and hotel, it would have run us a few hundred quid, and I don't like (or hate) either team enough to throw that cash away.  Still, it would have been nice, but I'll watch it on Sky all snug in my new house instead!!  :-)

Big Sam arrived in the Toon yesterday and has already done what at least 4 other managers should have done in getting rid of Titus Bramble.  How many fucking times were they going to cover up for his total stupidity and absolute lack of football intelligence...For about 4 years from what I could see...Good riddance!!  Go play for Portsmouth, Water Boy!!

Right.  Back to work!


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In the words ofthe immortal one:
"I can feel my brain falling away like pieces of wet cake..."
Ran through 10 freaking organizations today...Going blind...
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So today we went out and bought the fridge and the dishwasher for the new house...I think dropping a few hundred quid has sent Wifey a little catatonic, as she keeps wandering around saying "I really wasn't expecting to buy those today..."  In addition bought the wallpaper for the kitchen and have almost sorted out same for the office, which will look great.  But the definite best buy of the day was a waaaay too expensive toilet seat that I simply had to have.  Our bathroom suite is very modern looking, with black tiles and grey slate flooring and a marble effect ceiling, making it appear very mod and a bit bacheloish, oddly.  But today I picked up a sparkled black toilet seat that wil simply blow the room away.  It's fantastic, and I have named it Trevor, as in "I'm off to see Trev!"  (Thank you Men Behaving Badly!)  Wifey rolled her eyes when I pointed it out, but I think she secretly likes it, as she raised no objection to its purchase!!  Trust me, it's fab...

I have to admit that although I was a bit nervous about the house we tried to buy in 2005, this one has seemed much nicer and I have an overall much better feeling about it than the last.  I am really psyched to get in and get the thing started, which is a great feeling.  Can't wait...I am a bit apprehensive about the actual move, though, especially since my back is still pretty achy.

Actually, for the first time since 2004 I went to a medical facility today; the Bensham walk-in centre.  My back, tweaked on Saturday night, painful Sunday and Monday, agony on Tuesday, then better on Wed and a little more on Thurs, was very sore and painful today, so when the heating pad failed to alleviate it, I realized that Wifey was right and I had to go and have someone look it over to make sure I hadn't done something serious.  So off we trundled and after a 40 minute wait we saw a nurse who checked me out and pronounced me free of serious spinal injury, which was a bit of a relief as one can imagine.  He was very helpful and announced that I should take some anti-inflammatory drugs a few times a day to minimize any swelling or pain and give myself a good month (3 more weeks) as lower back pain can take that long.  Active but not strenuous was his advice, and I pointed out that this would actually involve an increase in my daily regime...Weird realizing for the first time that I had to go in.  Kind of spooky, but I am determined to get more active in the new house.  He also looked at the knot in my shoulder and pronounced it fine and nothing to worry about, which was good.  All told, very successful and my back feels better, no doubt a psychological consequence of having gone...But I still hate doctor's offices...

Current books: Michael Palin's Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years, and Flashman and The Tiger, by George MacDonald Fraser.  MP is, for some odd reason to me, totally riveting.  Might be due to the fact that it is a bio of him from 26-36 (hmmm...) and I see some of my own thoughts wander across the pages.  Might be that it's interesting to get into seeing how creative people interact, or, in the case of Python, fail to.  John Cleese and Eric Idle were real ego-driven assholes through much of the 70s...Still, a great read and enjoying it immensely.

Flashman is a different matter.  It is the penultimate book in the series and is 3 novellas mashed together, and I can't really get into it.  A shame, as the story is interesting, but I don't think the way he's written it is.  Flashman is a bystander, instead of the usual uncredited catalyst, and the story suffers for it.  I'm sad, as it is the final book in the series that I have to read, and I'm not enjoying it very much.  I have to admit that I love cowards in literature; Flashman is one of the best; Rincewind another.  Might be something in that.  Still...there you go.  When Fraser goes, I will feel a great sadness, as Flashman is a literary character that I have grown immensely fond of, and I can see myself reading the stories to my children, (though there will have to be some G-rated editing, of course!)  But through 9 of 11 books, he has been wonderful.  (Didn't care for Flashman's Lady much, either...)

To end, I think I will publish a statistic that fills me with melancholy.  It's from a Boston Globe story that sets the cost of the war in Iraq at $456 billion by September 2007.

"According to World Bank estimates, $54 billion a year would eliminate starvation and malnutrition globally by 2015, while $30 billion would provide a year of primary education for every child on earth.

At the upper range of those estimates, the $456 billion cost of the war could have fed and educated the world's poor for five and a half years."

Time to pray for everyone...
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I am inserting a piece here by William F. Buckley, one of the most intelligent and fiendish arch-conservatives in the US. All I will say well of Buckley is that he is not Christian right. Here is an article he posted on 1 May 2007:
Buckley )

Happy Days! Even his base is deserting him!


May. 2nd, 2007 08:13 pm
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Man U losing 1-0...GO MILAN!!!!

Your Personality Is Like Acid

A bit wacky, you're very difficult to predict.
One moment you're in your own little happy universe...
And the next, you're on a bad trip to your own personal hell!
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Happy Anniversary, Wifey! Three years...Can you believe how quickly it's passed???

(And thanks to Vaxie, the_bags, and prince_eric for the shout outs too!)

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So still no word yet on whether the mortgage has gone through, though JM tells us not to worry and that everything will be fine. Still, the fact is that this is really annoying, not knowing exactly what the status is. I will say only one thing; I am not unpacking again. We are moving somewhere, even if it's into another flat.

Let's see...Work is blah. Getting back into the swing of trying to get everything done again and it's not at all fun. But needs must and all. Sent off a package to Bill and Kristen (well, actually to Will) full of baby stuff, including a little Toon onesy that is fantastic. Sent off a package to mother as well, as her birthday is again upon us. Father's off in China giving some speech, and no idea about Helen.

Bob the Cat was put to sleep last week. Poor guy, but at least he got his salmon and donuts near the end. I miss him. Wanna get new kittens when we move. :-)

Speaking of that, I have a list up of everything we are gonna need in order to move, and it's out of control. We are gonna have like £1000 in plumber fees by the end!!! Oy vey...

What else...Sun is out and it's lovely. Not warm enough today though...Was gorgeous last week; hit 25 here on Sunday, which was simply brilliant. Never thought I'd be a sun worshipper, but I have become one; very English, that...

Righto. That's all I'm gonna write till after we're moved in. Sayonara, Live Journal!
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It's 3.04 am, and I have just finished watching the worst Super Bowl ever. Even last year's was better, and that one sucked. But this one...AWFUL.

I knew what would happen...

Grossman throws two ATROCIOUS interceptions and that's it.

29-17, but everyone...I mean EVERYONE...knows it wasn't that close. And it wasn't. If we could adjust the score like we can a Wind Chill Factor, then it would have been about 55-10. (I rule out the opening kickoff TD, as it was a blip...)

Manning gets MVP, though Addai and Rhodes deserved it.

Great halftime show. Pity the game was SO terrible...

See ya in September.
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My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Lord Adam Everett the Intractable of Throcking in the Hole
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title


Dec. 18th, 2006 06:00 pm
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First half gets a B+ from me, as the look was right, but the guy playing Teatime is simply not right. Teatime has a very softspoken, cultured accent, not some strange Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka lisp thing. And I think they could have done more with the Gang and in the grotto, and less with Susan and the kids, but overall it was a good first half.

Best bit; the Sky spots running all night wishing everyone a Happy Hogswatch!!

So to all of you; HAPPY HOGSWATCH!!

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Watched It's A Wonderful Life with Wifey, and I am all weepy now...
And have been screaming out "MARY!" in my best Jimmy Stewart...

Have a good night, all!

my xmas stocking )
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God help me I do love Pterry.

So after many years of wrangling and turning down UK scripts that have no money or US scripts that have no class, Pratchett is finally going to allow the filming of a Discworld book, and aptly it is Hogfather. If there's one that would allow for a quick intro and then a go for it kind of thing, it's this one.

The production stills look great;

And I am excited, for the simple fact that JK Rowling and her Johnny-come-lately Harry Potter have stolen all the thunder in British books over the last decade or so, and frankly, even if Pterry himself won't admit it, all of his diehard fans know that 'there can be only one', and it is him. I just hope it's a good adaptation; he sanctioned it, so I'm sure it will be okay. They spent £12 million on it, so it might even look decent, too...Here's hoping!

Gotta look out for an old looking Nigel Planer as Mister Sideney!

It's on December 17 & 18, I believe! Tune in!

Happy Hogswatch!
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Happy Thanksgiving to all! What am I thankful for this year?

-My health remains good, and is hopefully getting better.
-My wife remains as wonderful as the day I met her. (Actually, she got me drunk the day I met her, so she gets doubly blessed!)
-My family are all still kicking...
-My friends are all getting settled and building lives for themselves, with 2 more little ones on the way for next year.
-I live in a place that I love.
-Work is picking up and I am thankful for the opportunities presented to me.
-I am thankful that I am beginning to understand more about life itself, especially over this last year - so much has happened, and I have tried to learn from all of it.
-I am thankful for the blessings that Reiki has given my life, both for me and those around me.
-I am thankful that the burglars did not take anything personal or irreplaceable.
-I am thankful that Bifford got to see out his last weeks outside, catching mice and being a kitten again, and that we had the chance to know him.
-And of course, Hippy the Wonder pooch remains healthy and happy and will even let me play with her and her reindeer sometimes!

So on this day of giving thanks, I hope all of you have as many reasons as me, and take the time to acknowledge the good fortune and blessings that are around us all.

Have a great Turkey day!
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