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I should be working. Vic is off at the Reiki Share group that she has every month, and I am creating a blog account. Boys will be boys.

So, married a year. Everyone said 'it will change you' and 'you'll feel different'. Must say that I don't feel any different. My friends have stopped calling and other couples avoid us now, but I choose to believe that is simply them changing, not us. The bastards.

Listening to George Harrison's All Things Must Pass at the moment; it's one of the albums I get to listen to when she's out. If someone had told me that I would marry a woman who hates the Beatles, I would have laughed scornfully and gone back to poring over my bootleg version of Ain't She Sweet. Luckily we do have a few bands that we can listen to together, which greatly eases the time we do spend together, which is mostly in the car.

Hippy is lethargically lying on the bed refusing to move until her mother gets home. I would be worried about this except that I am reliably informed that she does this when I am not there too, which is actually comforting in a Snuggle Bear kind of way. Biff has polished off his evening sachet of food and has proceeded to curl up on the couch in a little horrible furry ball of teeth and claws. He's my Valentine's 2004 present, back when I was really missing Bob and Winny. He's a little ratbag, but we feel bad for him as he's been hard-done to, and I think he is weaseling a way into our lives, if not yet our hearts.

Sometimes I wonder how things would be different if we lived in America. I might still be with TOG and miserable. I'm happy we live here. I never liked New England. In fact, I think I may have hated it, based on re-examining my feelings. I finally found satisfaction and a connection to a place when I moved to California, but it was only when I found Vic that I found the happiness and love and contentment that I was longing for. I love the Bay Area; the laid-back attitudes, the trippingess, the gorgeous scenery and the wine: it's a pity it is in the US. But I think I love Morpeth more. The sooner we get there and I can dangle my feet in the Wansbeck and breathe Northumberland air, the happier I will be. We've seen a fixer-up house in Pegswood for £74950. It's about 5 minutes outside the centre of Morpeth, but I am at the point where I just think we should go for it if it looks like it won't fall down. I don't think it's that I hate the flat, but I think getting our own house will be a huge next step in my own life, and in ours as a couple. A huge step, admittedly, but the next one to be taken. (After that is fatherhood and I still get cross-eyed thinking about that. I can ALMOST stomach the thought of being responsible for myself, and MAYBE Vic, but not a CHILD??? Little Josh??? Or Maya??? Jesus...)

Next entry will either be me avoiding work again or perhaps a long one on God/Spirituality. Or maybe one on the dog.

Good things.


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