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For the wife...

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Today at Vallum, in the sunshine selling breads.  Its warm, windy and sunny. Everyone is enjoying themselves.  Slow sales, but we dont have a lot to sell so no big deal.  one of those days where breaking even is a win. 
Said farewell to Jayne and Phil last night which was melancholy, but very excited for them to make a new life and have loads of fun down south.  Bless them, they both looked knackered.  Trying to juggle work with moving is a major chore, but next week it will all be worth it!
Nfl starts tomorrow in earnest.  v excited.  pack v pats in feb. 
customers call!

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am i watching the same match as the commentators on the beeb? glen johnson looks like bambi on skates...

Big Toddle

Jun. 19th, 2012 10:37 am
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Maya at the Barnardos Big Toddle today, we all had a great time and Maya was really well behaved. We are watching a magician now, and having even more fun. Later, maybe a trip to a farm!

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I only believe in Soul Whipping for people like [ profile] kelseychicago , who doesn't know the difference between corporeal and corporal...For fuck's sake man!  This was okay'ed by the LJ people...Have some self respect!  Get it together man, everyone's looking!
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First me, now it's her turn. 

We hate being sick.

My dad is coming this weekend, so hopefully he'll get it too!  Buwahahahaha!
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01. What's the last TV show you saw?
Pardon the Interruption

02. What are you wearing at the moment?
Sweatpants, blue shirt.

03. Who is/was your favorite cartoon character?
The Brain (and Pinky).

04. What is your favorite scent?
how specific...I would say Cool Water by Davidoff.

05. What is your favorite drink?
Depends.  I like lots, from wine to beer to water.  But my death row drink would be Coca Cola with lots of ice.

06. What do you drink the most?
Water.  Usually sparkling.

07. What is your favorite food?
My favorite cuisine is Indian.  For a specific food, it would be good pizza or a good Thanksgiving dinner.

08. What is your favorite Disney movie?
Pirates of the Caribbean.  I try to avoid Disney, as they are a truly evil company that gives off Nazi creep vibes.

09. What did you want to be when you grew up?
WWI fighter pilot, 3rd baseman for the Red Sox,  or starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

10. What mythological figure are you?
Thor.  And I'm no myth...

11. *Changed question* What animal do you identify with?
At the moment, Bernie, who has come up for a huge purr-filled cuddle.

12. What 3 people would you invite to dinner?
I'd prefer to eat at a fancy restaurant with just the wife...

13.What is your current desktop?
a photo of the Angel of the North that the Wife took from the allotment.

14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
no one tagged me.

15. What are you afraid of?
the unknown.

16. What's your favorite item of clothing?
My lucky Red Sox jersey.

17. What are you into right now?
Unleash the Force.  Cool game.

18. What did you do today?
So far I have slept and then fed the cats, before the uber cuddle with Bernie.

19. What do you want?
Health, wealth, happiness.  The usual.

20. What should you be doing right now?
making breakfast.

21. What's the meaning behind your LJ username/name/nicknames you go by?
A combo of my nationalities.
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I know he's a distraction and all.  But I'm glad he's staying for 08, and hopefully 09 and 10 as well.

Go SOX!!!
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Funniest thing I have read in a while.  Rednecks are such assholes.
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Yesterday was Jam Day 2008.

Every July we wander off to Brockbushes, a farm about 15 miles away near Corbridge that lets you pick your own fruit.  So this year we set off about 10 days earlier than normal (we went on 26 July 06, 27 July 07) to steal a march on the other berry pickers.  It was a grey, overcast day with intermittent showers, but it held off while we picked, happily.  

The mother in law, the niece, Voddie and I departed at about 930 am (the niece skipped her last day of school to come picking, so i hope she had a good time!) to get to the fields.  After successfully picking 7 kilos of gooseberries, 4 kg of raspberries and about 4 kilos of strawberries, we had some lunch.

When we got home we began the process of....JAM MAKING!!

Began with the raspberry; 4 kilos is a lot of berries, and we managed, once it was all distilled out and mixed with the sugar, to come away with about 16.5 lbs of jam.  We then used about half of the gooseberries to make another 12 lbs of that.  Tomorrow looks likely to be the turn of the strawberries, which should be fun.  

Jam Day is always great.  We get to go off to Northumberland and wander through rows of berry canes, feel the wind in our face and remember what it is that makes life so wonderful.  And at the end of the day, we have a shedload of jam to get us through about 6 months!  You really can't beat it.  There is something almost spiritual about picking, mashing, sugaring, mixing, testing, pouring, sealing and cleaning.  Maybe it's that from field to jar was about 2 hours, and everything is as fresh as can be.  Dunno.  It's just fun.

And this year's labels are tastefully understated, French, and monochrome.  Year 4 of Sweet FA Jams.  "Nothing added, nothing taken away.  Sweet FA!" 

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So the greenhouse frame is up and sturdy and looks fine.  All the bits went back on and it seems as though it probably won't fall over in the wind, which is nice.  Wifey and Mother in law have now the task of inserting the glass back into it and then it will be good to go.  When the frame had been tightened up I downed tools and went inside to work on a paper about OOXML while Wifey stayed outside, muttering something about "making the path".  Well, about 80 minutes later I was bored to death of standards and looked out the window to see a gorgeous, brick-lined, red stone walkway encircling the greenhouse that was simply wonderful to see!  The wife was placing tools away and looked flushed from the work, but she has really made a fantastically good job of it.  

Right as I yelled out to her what a good job she'd done, her mother came strolling in (after all the work was done, as usual!)  and proceeded to say that it was nice but might be better if she'd done it another way.  I thought Vic was gonna hit her with a half brick...  Eventually Ann saw it V|ic's way and harmony was restored, but I don't think she knows how close she came!

So we went out later to walk the horrible pooch, as she needed a good run after being inside for a few days, and while we were out M & N stopped by and pushed the pricing through for the three gates we need made.  About £60 all told, including the hinges, etc. which seems a bargain.  So I think they are coming this weekend to do it all.  And we will be a little poorer, but the house will be one more huge leap towards being done.  

So tomorrow I am updating a report and then beginning to organize which bits I am taking along to my London meeting next week.  Feeling pretty confident, especially looking over all the stuff I have on offer.  The analysis itself, public policy work, competitive analysis, two thought research papers...I am gonna bowl them over.  It will be so.

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We will be erecting a fence in the midst of a hail storm!  Doesn't that sound like fun?  The only good thing is that maybe I can convince 

[profile] voddiegirlto take me to Madrasi on Low Fell as a treat for all my hard work...

I hope the thing looks good when it's done!  


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I need new glasses.  the ones I have are all wonky.
and I think it's time to get a cat.  suggestions anyone?  tom/queen?  colours?  temperament?

I know that I will forever try to find another Otto.  A stone's worth of fury.  

Or should I go for lovable, like Bob:


The wife found an 11 month old white and orange boy named Bobby that I might have to look into.

Ah well.  TTFN.
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I am reduced to Tetley.  I f^@king HATE TETLEY!!!

Rant over.

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William F. Buckley is dead!  There will be rejoicing throughout the land!  The Arch Proto Neo Con has finally gone to meet Ronnie and the two of them can roast together...

One more down.  Only a few left in the current admin and then the world can cleanse itself of the smell of oil, corruption and wank. 


One funny aside; I remember an SNL sketch where they said that Buckley had agreed to appear on the show, but only if the plane flying him to NY had two right wings...
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 So we are now having what feels like the first weekend since the turn of the year where we have nothing to do, no one to see, and nowhere to go.  It feels great.  Seems like we have just been rushed off our feet for quite a while now, with Nic and Brian and Mick and everything.  It's just been haywire.  It's great to have a chance to kick back.  And with some movement finally happening on the work front, things are finally geting better.

Let's see...What's been happening.  Well, we extended the veggie patch today by 4 square meters, which doesn't sound like a lot, but represents about a 33% increase.  We realized that we have to plant some seeds tomorrow which will be nice; spring is here!  

So far this year we have: restructured the patio, pulled up the path, removed one hedge entirely, severely pruned 2 other hedges and incinerated all the prunings, sawed down the self seeded tree out back, cleared out behind the fence, removed three trees from the front, enlarged and conditioned the front, planted 4 trees/bushes out front (including Mikao, the lovely Japanese Cherry Blossum that I picked,) assembled the cold frame (well, the wife did that,)  and today we extended the veggie patch and conditioned the soil.  Including removing a 50 lb. block of concrete that was, rather bizarrely, sunken 18" deep in the soil in the middle of the extended veggie patch bit...THAT was fun!!  I wasn't sure if I was going to have a heart attack or give myself a hernia when I found it.  I bent the spade trying to get it out, which pissed me off a bit.  But it is all fine now, and the back is now looking about 100% better, even with dodgy turf  and half a broken path in the middle!

Pria, the lass from next door, told us that she was considering writing in to a TV gardening show on our behalf.  Apparently we are devoted above and beyond in her book, which is nice to hear.  She said we had transformed the yard, which made us smile.  I think she is insanely jealous!  Hehehehe.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, which will be good.  I am going to rearrange the shed hopefully, as there is too much crap in it right now.  So we can remove some of the boxes and get them in the loft where they belong and theat will hopefully free up some space so that the Shower of Bastards can sit on a shelf out of harm's way.  

Other than that, not much going on.  The Toon were massacred again today.  Just gotta avoid the drop.  Dear me.  

On the bright side, baseball season starts up in earnest soon.  GO SAWKS!!!
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I'm thankful for my wife, who loves me now and forever, who cheers me up when I'm despondent, who helps me and others without thinking about it, who is strong, funny, gorgeous, and wonderful.

I'm thankful for my dog, who loves me now and then, who wakes me up by flapping her ears, who shoves her nose up my shirt, who fights me every waking moment, and who is furry, cuddly and perfect.

I'm thankful for Ann, who proves to me almost every day that I won the mother-in-law lottery, and who has become such an important part of my life.

I'm thankful for prince_eric, who got me through some of the worst, but also the best, times of my life, and never asked for gas money.  I'm thankful that his wife and two children are there to look after him now that I'm so far away.

I'm thankful for the_bags and vaxie, for being the wonderful people they are, and for always making me feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated whenever we are fortunate enough to meet up.  And also to Bob, for being such a joyous, smart, and caring lad.

I'm thankful for Mick for being the kind of friend every person should have.  There's nothing he won't do for you, yet he expects nothing in return.  I'm so thankful he's found his family now, too.

I'm thankful for my parents, whom I love and wish happiness for.

I'm thankful for my house, which is becoming my home.

I'm thankful for my sister, who always comes through in the clutch.

I'm thankful for my health, which has been consistently good (bad back not withstanding!)

Last, I'm thankful for the opportunities that life has given me to know all these people and live the life I have.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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Nothing much to report. Had a worthless call with a worthless man the other night, whose first words when I called him to offer my services for his Fortune 50 company; services that will save them $millions, were: "So is this a part-time thing or a day job?" It went downhill from there. I was downcast and defeatist when I got off the phone with him, but have since come to the conclusion that if he can be a VP in a company that big and not only fail to grasp a good thing when it's offered cheaply, but fail even to realize HOW it could be used, then there are going to be plenty of folks who I can take advantage of.

Bizarre points from the conversation: [with my comments in brackets]

1. "It's my job to know what my people are doing and what strategic direction to take."  [You know what every one of your people is doing?  Because by my count you are active in over 85 organizations, with multiple people in each.  You must have a very good memory.]
2.  5 minutes later: "Things work from the bottom up; my people spend money on things they think are worthwhile and let me know, and I decide if it is." [This is exactly what my project will do for you, so you can do more VP like things, like decide/run policy.] 
3.  "Your dad is more involved in policy making and politics.  I'm involved in more nuts and bolts; things like what interfaces with other things."  [You are a VP doing a junior engineer's work.  No wonder your company has problems.]
4.  "Send me some exaples and we'll see if it meshes up with what I think is going on, and if it does, then I'll let you know we should have a further conversation."  [The entire point of the project is to make you look at things as they really are, not as you think they are.  Because, given the conversation I've just hadwith you, what you think will be wrong.  With my help, you will be able to more effectively manage your resources, you dundering bumblefuck!!!]

But some people are just too dumb.  I'll be surprised if anything comes of it, let's put it that way.

Still, a smart guy got back to me as well, and he wants to work with me on the project for sure, so I am excited by this.  And one other client is still out there, hopefully thinking things over.  Get to call him next week and give a gentle nudge, methinks!

Right.  I'm off.  Have a great weekend!!


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To my lovely Wife!  Happy 30th, babe!

Muchas Smooches!

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So I hope everyon had a good Halloween.  I cleaned the house up as Wifey was out for the day in the Lakes with a friend of hers, having a Thelma and Louise type day out.  The dog was ancey all day and wouldn't leave me alone, except when I put on the vacuum.  So I did some work, had some mini pizzas (since Wifey fnally allows me to have them sometimes now) and got things mostly tidied up.  I lit the pumpkins, got the candy ready, and put on Young Frankenstein to await the revellers.

Now, we live in a semi-rural little cul-de-sac community which has a lot of young couples with small children.  I HATE giving out Halloween candy to kids, as I feel very awkward and dopey, mostly because I can remember very clearly how stupid and norky I thought the adults were when I went around begging for candy as a kid.  PLUS I generally find it hard to understand kids' high, chirpy voices...PLUS their mouths are usually obscured by ill-fitting costumes...PLUS they are all little broad Geordies, and while I am much better at translating it now, I still need the two second pause before I understand what the hell has just been said.  PLUS the fact that, at two meters tall, kids generally do that slowwwww upturn of the necks until they stop at my face with awe and fear in their little eyes, and it just creeps me out a bit.  HOWEVER, I decided that the best solution was simply to grin broadly and tell them all how scary and lovely they looked while distributing liberal amounts of tuck to them.  Oddly enough, this strategy worked very well most of the night.  The kids, far from being the bastard cretin that I was on Halloweens, were very polite and sweet and thankful and one even reprimanded her friend whom she accused of grabbing too much with a well placed "ASHLEIGH!!!  PUT SOME BACK!"  Ashleigh, suitably chastised, hastily dropped half her loot and gave a nervous giggle before her friend thanked me politely and they trundled off.  I was reasonably stoked and even more grateful that we had moved to a nice place and I wasn't going to have to remove TP or shaving cream from anything in the morning...

Then things got funky....

The doorbell rang and I opened it to a small, bejewelled little white fairy princess, complete with golden curls, a glittery tiara, and a big cheesy grin.  She might have also had wings.  I said "Happy Halloween...What do you say?"  "Trickortreat!"  As I handed her some candy, I said  "There you go; you look very pretty."  Suddenly, an apparition stole out from the darkness; where the girl was sparkly and white, the new person was taller, dressed in black with a big witches hat and cape.  As soon as the words "you look very pretty" left my mouth to the child, a big smile lit up the face of the other figure who said "But her mum's prettier..." AND THEN WINKED AT ME!!!

I whinnied like a startled horse, simpered a smile, mumbled out a "happy halloween" and closed the door as quickly as decorum would allow...That sort of thing is NOT ON!!  Especially in front of her bairn!! For FUCK'S SAKE!!  When I texted the wife with my horror, she laughed!!!! 

Good Lord.  Next year, the wife is handing out candy and I am staying cuddled up in bed.

Happy Halloween +1! 
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