Nov. 16th, 2007

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Nothing much to report. Had a worthless call with a worthless man the other night, whose first words when I called him to offer my services for his Fortune 50 company; services that will save them $millions, were: "So is this a part-time thing or a day job?" It went downhill from there. I was downcast and defeatist when I got off the phone with him, but have since come to the conclusion that if he can be a VP in a company that big and not only fail to grasp a good thing when it's offered cheaply, but fail even to realize HOW it could be used, then there are going to be plenty of folks who I can take advantage of.

Bizarre points from the conversation: [with my comments in brackets]

1. "It's my job to know what my people are doing and what strategic direction to take."  [You know what every one of your people is doing?  Because by my count you are active in over 85 organizations, with multiple people in each.  You must have a very good memory.]
2.  5 minutes later: "Things work from the bottom up; my people spend money on things they think are worthwhile and let me know, and I decide if it is." [This is exactly what my project will do for you, so you can do more VP like things, like decide/run policy.] 
3.  "Your dad is more involved in policy making and politics.  I'm involved in more nuts and bolts; things like what interfaces with other things."  [You are a VP doing a junior engineer's work.  No wonder your company has problems.]
4.  "Send me some exaples and we'll see if it meshes up with what I think is going on, and if it does, then I'll let you know we should have a further conversation."  [The entire point of the project is to make you look at things as they really are, not as you think they are.  Because, given the conversation I've just hadwith you, what you think will be wrong.  With my help, you will be able to more effectively manage your resources, you dundering bumblefuck!!!]

But some people are just too dumb.  I'll be surprised if anything comes of it, let's put it that way.

Still, a smart guy got back to me as well, and he wants to work with me on the project for sure, so I am excited by this.  And one other client is still out there, hopefully thinking things over.  Get to call him next week and give a gentle nudge, methinks!

Right.  I'm off.  Have a great weekend!!



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