May. 12th, 2005 10:26 pm
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So today I emailed the London Embassy about my passport having gone through the wash and they very helpfully sent me back to their website. Frustrated and annoyed, but why I expected anything else is beyond me. So I get to call them soon and talk to a human. Won't that be fun.

Vic is happily listening to Maroon 5 and drinking a bottle of port. I am sitting and rambling. Went to Costco today and got some stock food in, chicken and burgers and the like. Then back to Ann's for a sit in the garden for a bit. I caught the sun a little on the arms and face. Feels good. If it weren't for her charver neighbors it would be a little paradise. Thinking we are going to have to prepare some outdoor cuisine soon. My wife has just fast forwarded Scissor Sisters, Nirvana, XTC and Paul Simon to get to a sad blues song. Ah well, I think we have already established that she thinks the majority of my music is crap, while I simply grind my teeth through most of hers. It's a bit of a sore point. Which explains why I play my stuff so much when she is out.

So tomorrow off to look at the £74950 house in Pegswood. It's terrifying to me to think that $140000 is a fixer-upper. I think my parents paid $62500 for the house I grew up in. I know it's different times, but I still can't understand how things are so much more expensive over here. A Big Mac meal is £3.99 here, which is $7.50...which is OBSCENE for McDonalds, no matter where it is. Ah well. I just wish my contracts were in sterling. Getting back to the house, I hope it at least has potential and isn't TOO run down. I can almost handle the thought of moving up there and starting our new life, but it does present a run of new challenges. The thought of a mortgage terrifies me. For some odd reason. Don't know why.

But the thought of maybe getting a part time job at Threshers kinda makes me happy. I just scratched my arm and apparently I caught the sun more than I thought; a cool shower is on the books tonight, obviously. Joss Stone on now. Like Joss. Like the name Joss too. Kinda bratty without being charverish. No doubt it will be the #1 name over here before long. Chloe was for 6 straight years, oddly. Chloe and Jack. In 10 years there is gonna be the Gen Z+2 of kids named Chloe learning to drive.

I still like James the best.

Or Fast Eddie.

Had my monthly call with Inventures tonight. Good people, but SO incompetent. The kind you'd want as friends, but not coworkers. Well, maybe they are good coworkers, but I would sell my stock in the company if I had any. What the hell. As long as they keep paying me. In the fall I may ask them for a raise.

All is well, and it's a lovely night. Cool and clear. Should be a good weekend. Will be nice to go out to the park for a picnic. OH MY GOD! We made Duca (sp?) chicken tonight after seeing it on the Wine TV network for so long. It was actually pretty good. We are sad and old, but I am finding that okay. Just need to be more active and get the metabolism going better so I can shed the weight and feel better about life and my health. It's gonna be a good summer. I have money coming in and everything else is just fine.

Good things.


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